Custom SyncType

With a customized SynType you can decide how and what data to synchronize, and make optimizations as you see fit.

For example: if you have a data container with many variables you probably don't want to send the entire container when you change it, as a SyncVar would. By making a custom SyncType you can customize the behavior entirely; this is how other SyncType work.

/* If one of these values change you
* probably don't want to send the
* entire container. A custom SyncType
* is perfect for only sending what is changed. */
public struct MyContainer
    public int LeftArmHealth;
    public int RightArmHealth;
    public int LeftLegHealth;
    public int RightLeftHealth;            

Custom SyncTypes follow the same rules as other SyncTypes. Internally other SyncTypes inherit from SyncBase, and your type must as well. In addition, you must implement the ICustomSync interface.

public class SyncMyContainer : SyncBase, ICustomSync
    /* If you intend to serialize your type
    * as a whole at any point in your custom
    * SyncType and would like the automatic
    * serializers to include it then use
    * GetSerializedType() to return the type.
    * In this case, the type is MyContainer.
    * If you do not need a serializer generated
    * you may return null. */
    public object GetSerializedType() => typeof(MyContainer);

public class YourClass
    private readonly SyncMyContainer _myContainer = new();

Given how flexible a custom SyncType may be there is not a one-size fits all example. You may view several custom examples within your FishNet import under FishNet/Example/All/CustomSyncType.

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