Yak (Pro Feature)

Yak is part of Fish-Networking Pro features.


An offline transport that runs off your multiplayer code. No local or remote connections are made using this transport.

Besides being an offline transport, Yak API behaves exactly as our many other transports. In result, you do not need to change any of your code to take advantage of Yak.

To support offline play and online play you will want to consider using Multipass with Yak and an online transport of your choice.



All Platforms

Fully Supported

How to Install

Yak is part of FishNet Pro! So you must have purchased pro. See how to purchase and download FishNet Pro here. After Installing FishNet Pro, just add Yak to your Transport manager, most likely you will be adding Yak onto Multipass like mentioned in the General Section above.

Component Settings

No settings needed to be configured with Yak.

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