Prior to Fish-Networking we developed assets for other solutions, such as Mirror Networking. These assets have proven to perform 4 times faster, and use little as 13% the bandwidth of Mirror's internal components. Unfortunately, third party assets can only go so far. This is strongly in part why Fish-Networking was made.

Fish-Networking has been designed with performance and bandwidth in mind. Features are regularly benchmarked for client and server performance, as well bandwidth consumption; these metrics are important while deploying. Better performance allows your project to run on cheaper hardware, and enables a higher concurrent user count. By using less bandwidth Fish-Networking reduces your server bills.


Networked Objects (moving)

In most games moving objects will contribute the majority of used bandwidth. Fish-Networking's bandwidth consumption competes aggressively against modern paid solutions, and does better than any other free solution.

Remote Procedure Calls

Remote procedure calls, shortened to RPCs, are commonly placed second in bandwidth consumption. RPCs are used to communicate between the server and client. Fish-Networking uses only two bytes per RPC, while other free solutions use a minimum of 23 bytes.


Another very important aspect is how well the networking solution scales. A better scaling solution ensures it will run on less expensive hardware, and get you closer to your MMO goals.

Network Object Count (idle)

It's not uncommon for frameworks to lose performance as more networked objects are spawned. Fish-Networking retains nearly 100% of it's performance regardless of how many objects are spawned.

Concurrent Users

Fish-Networking retains a large amount of performance with hundreds of users updating every tick. Other networking solutions have shown to slow down drastically as more concurrent users join the server.

Client Experience

With more objects, users, or activity even clients can be affected by a poorly designed networking solution. Fish-Networking has scored roughly 70% more frames per second on clients than other free solutions, such as Mirror.

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