Scene Management

Fish-Networking comes with a powerful scene manager tool that enables you to synchronize networked scenes with minimal effort.


The SceneManager Component has many scene features to support your multiplayer needs. The links below will take you to the different guides for each feature that the SceneManager has to offer.

Visit the API to see the public items exposed to the user in the SceneManager.

Sub Pages

"Scene Events" are the Invoked Events that happen along the loading and unloading method.

The Data Classes that are needed for the the various features to function.

Information on how to "load" scenes and the options available to the user while loading.

Information on how to "unload" scenes and the options available to the user while Unloading.

"Scene Stacking" is the ability for server or host to load multiple instances of a scene at once, usually with different observers in each scene.

"Scene Caching" is the ability for the Server to keep a scene loaded when either all clients have unloaded that scene, or stopped observing that scene.

"Scene Visibility" guide offers details of using the "Scene Condition" with the ObserverManager, and how to manage Observers in a Scene.

"Persisting NetworkObjects" is the ability to keep a network objects state when loading and unloading scenes.

Fishnet has the ability for users to create their own Custom Scene Processor for loading and unloading scenes. Using Addressables for example, would need a Custom Scene Processor created.

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