SyncStopwatch provides an efficient way to synchronize a stopwatch between server and clients.

Like SyncTimer, SyncStopwatch only updates state changes such as start or stopping, rather than each individual delta change.

private readonly SyncWatch _timePassed = new()

Making changes to the timer is very simple, and like other SyncTypes must be done on the server.

//All of the actions below are automatically synchronized.

/* Starts the stopwatch while optionally sending a stop
 * message first if stopwatch was already running.
 * If the stopwatch was previously running the time passed
 * would be reset. */
/* This would invoke callbacks indicating a stopwatch
 * had stopped, then started again. */
/* Pauses the stopwatch and optionally sends the current
 * timer value as it is on the server. */
//Unpauses the current stopwatch.
/* Ends the Stopwatch while optionally sends the
* current value to clients, as it was during the stop. */

Updating and reading the timer value is much like you would a normal float value.

private void Update()
    /* Like SyncTimer, SyncStopwatch must be updated
     * with a delta on both server and client. Do not
     * update the delta twice if clientHost. You can update
     * the delta anywhere in your code. */

    //Access the current time passed.
    /* You may also see if the stopwatch is paused before
     * accessing elapsed. */
    if (!_timePassedPaused)

Like other SyncTypes, you can subscribe to change events for the SyncStopwatch.

private void Awake()
    _timePassed.OnChange += _timePassed_OnChange;

private void OnDestroy()
    _timePassed.OnChange -= _timePassed_OnChange;

private void _timePassed_OnChange(SyncStopwatchOperation op, float prev, bool asServer)
    /* Like all SyncType callbacks, asServer is true if the callback
     * is occuring on the server side, false if on the client side. */

    //Operations can be used to be notified of changes to the timer.
    //This is much like other SyncTypes.
    //Here is an example of performing logic only if starting or stopping.
    if (op == SyncStopwatchOperation.Start || op == SyncStopwatchOperation.Stop)
        //Do logic.
    /* prev, our float, indicates the value of the stopwatch prior to
     * the operation. Remember that you can get current value using
     * _timePassed.Elapsed */

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