SceneLookupData is how the server determines to load clients into a new instance of a Scene, or load a client into a scene that the server already has loaded.


When Creating SceneLoadData or SceneUnloadData there are provided constructors that automatically create SceneLookupData for you. Most likely you will be using these constructors and will not be creating a separate SceneLookupData.

When you specify a scene by reference, or handle, the SceneManager will prefer to lookup that scene using the scene handle. This is important information when Scene Stacking. Looking up a scene by handle will place connections in the scene specified, but when using scene names, the server will create a new scene instance for the specified connections and place them into that scene. The described behavior only applies when loading scenes over multiple Load calls; such as if you call LoadConnectionScene twice, each with it's own connection.

Default Values

        //SceneLookupData Default values
        SceneLookupData slud = new SceneLookupData()
            //If Handle is greater than 0 then it will ignore Name and use Handle
            //to look up the scene.
            Handle = 0,
            //If Handle is set to 0, then Name is used to lookup the scene instead.
            Name = null 

See Loading Scenes and Unloading Scenes for implementation.

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