Creating Bug Reports

A well crafted bug report will result in bugs being resolved much quicker.

New bug reports can be created by navigating here. You will need to be logged into GitHub to create a bug report.

Issue Template

When creating a new issue on our GitHub you will be presented with a template. Provided below is detail information on how to complete the template.

Necessary Information

When filling out your report please include the following:

  • Unity version.

  • Fish-Networking version.

  • Discord link where you troubleshot the issue.

If you are not able to join our Discord to troubleshoot please specify this in place of where you would include the Discord link.


Provide a brief description of the bug report. This should be a summary of what causes the bug or how the bug is affecting your project.


In an ordered fashion please provide step-by-step details on how to reproduce the bug. Be sure to indicate if starting as client, server, if multiple builds must be running, what actions to take, and so on.

Expected Behavior

Describe what you expect the behavior to be. This helps us know if the result is intended, as well could give us insight on what may be going wrong.


If there is any media or content which could assist us in resolving your issue please provide it here. Media could be a variety of things such as images, stack traces, videos, links and more. If you are providing code samples or stacktraces please use text.

Sample Project

A sample project is not always required; but, at times issues are too complex to reproduce using the issue template. When this is true we will ask you to create a sample project for us to look at. When including a sample project also state how to use the project.


Sample projects should always follow guidelines to keep them simple and small.

  • All samples must be within their own folder so when imported into a Unity project they will not be merged with other files. For example, MyBugReport\Scripts, MyBugReport\Prefabs, and so on.

  • Provide only files needed to reproduce the problem. Do not provide extra models, prefabs, code, etc unrelated to the problem. Delete any code in provided scripts which does not directly affect your issue.

  • Do not include Fish-Networking within your sample project; only include the files needed to reproduce the problem.

  • Use the old input system.

  • Export as a unitypackage. To do so right-click your folder, Export Package, and uncheck Include Dependencies at the bottom.

GitHub does not allow uploading unitypackage files. You may have to archive your exported package before uploading. Please use zip format when doing so.

Model files can be large and pink materials are not fun to look at! If possible replace models with standard meshes and use the standard render pipeline.

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