Modifying Conditions

Several conditions may be modified at run-time. What can be modified for each condition may vary. I encourage you to view the API to see what each condition exposes.

To change properties on a condition you must access the condition through the NetworkObserver component.

//Below is an example of modifying the distance requirement
//on a DistanceCondition. This line of code can be called from
//any NetworkBehaviour. You may also use nbReference.NetworkObserver...
base.NetworkObserver.GetObserverCondition<DistanceCondition>().MaximumDistance = 10f;

All conditions can be enabled or disabled. When a condition is disabled it's requirements are ignored, as if the condition does not exist. This can be useful for temporarily disabling condition requirements on objects.

//The OwnerOnlyCondition is returned and disabled.
//This allows all players to see the object, rather than just the owner.
ObserverCondition c = base.NetworkObject.NetworkObserver.GetObserverCondition<OwnerOnlyCondition>();
//Even though we are returning ObserverCondition type, it could be casted to

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