Pro (and donating)

Some features are only available in Fish-Networking Pro. If you would like access to Pro features join the Fish-Networking Pro tier on my GitHub (preferred) or Patreon.
After joining Fish-Networking Pro you may immediately downgrade to the Updates Only tier to receive regular updates at a much lower monthly cost.
For lifetime access you may contribute $60 at once or overtime.
Pro downloads can be found at

Sharing Fish-Networking Pro

Please see our license for information on sharing Pro.

Discord Benefits

Priority Support
Priority Support Pro tiers offer access to post in our Priority Support channel. This channel uses threads to keep each question individualized and sorted. Questions asked in Priority Support are prioritized by our helpers.
FirstGearGames Supporter
All supporters have access to the FirstGearGames Supporter role to demonstrate their contribution to Fish-Networking.

Features and Enhancements

Pro offers several features which can be used directly with your project.
Lag Compensation
Another very important feature for precision based gaming is lag compensation. This is the act of rolling back colliders in time to where a client had seen them; this ensures accurate hit registration. This technique is applicable to several genre types but is most commonly seen in shooter games.
Automatic Code Stripping
Code stripping helps protect your game server by removing sensitive logic that the player should not be aware of. Far as we know, Fish-Networking is the only solution with the ability to remove server code from clients, and client code from the server.
Network Level of Detail
Level of Detail determines how often the server sends updates to clients. With level of detail enabled moving objects can expect to use up to 95% LESS bandwidth. Other aspects of Fish-Networking benefit marginally from network level of detail as well.
Extrapolation, NetworkTransform
When enabled the NetworkTransform will extrapolate as necessary to create a smoother experience for unstable connections.
Synchronized Parameters, NetworkAnimator
Customize which parameters are synchronized over the network on the NetworkAnimator.
Yak is a transport which provides an entirely offline experience using your multiplayer code. When combined with Multipass (available to free users), you may run your game offline or online.


Projects are completed Unity projects which act as a template or learning opportunity.
Lobby and Worlds
Lobby and Worlds is designed to use a single server for a lobby containing your players, as well create games on the same server using rooms created by your players. Each room is isolated from other players, both visually and in network traffic.
Many aspects of the lobby can be customized to your needs. Lobby and Worlds allows you to design your game normally in it's own scenes, while the project takes care of everything else.
Features include:
  • Loading any number of game scenes, multiple times; think dungeon instances!
  • Sign in system.
  • Lobby to create and join rooms.
  • Join rooms after start, optional.
  • Password rooms.
  • Ready up system, optional.
  • Kick players.
  • Player limits.
  • Customizable lobby logic and demo game.
FPS Land
This project is a full server authoritative demo on how you may get started on creating a FPS game with Fish-Networking.
Key points are:
  • Full server authoritative: movement, sound, firing, reloading, animations, ect.
  • Four weapon types: rifle, pistol, knife, and grenades.
  • Lag compensation for weapons such as rifles.
  • Lag compensation projectiles, such as grenades.
  • Picked up items.
  • Movement modifiers from weapon weight and walking.
  • Pet friendly goats.