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FAS: Fight Action Sandbox

FAS is a unique turn-based fighting game where you design your characters and their abilities. Fight against AI or friends!


Golfie is a run-based, roguelike minigolf deck builder. Play through procedurally-generated levels, build a deck of crazy card abilities, and try to beat all 18 holes.


LOCOSOCCER is a crazy fast-paced physics-based casual football game that you can play everywhere with anybody or against anybody.

Internet.Game: SAW

Competitive games relying on Fish-Networking's tick system and server authoritative abilities. Internet.Game introduces high-value puzzle and skill-based games with cash prizes.
Partnered with big names LIONSGATE, Twisted Pictures, GameStop, Authograph, and Magic Eden.

Valkyrie Champions

Valkyrie Champions is a mission-based Hero Shooter with an emphasis on upgrades and progression. Choose your champion and fight solo or with up to 4 online friends against huge amounts of enemies and ultimately save the lands against evil!
Each champion has unique abilities and stats which can be customized with equipment, power-ups, and talent trees.
Valkyrie Champions Trailer.


The Arcadius development team made a decision to switch to Fish-Networking after experiencing server crashes and costly server fees on Mirror networking. After switching to Fish-Networking the Arcadius team was able to increase their CCU limit from 40 to 500 without any problems, and are now saving over 75% in server fees.
Arcadius Trailer


Plethora is a MMO made with Fish-Networking, utilizing our built-in client-side prediction system. Within Plethora players can compete in hypercasual mini-games, with the potential to win valueable NTFs and minting rights from other NFT projects. Plethora offers bi-weekly competitions, leaderboards, and even daily quests for regular players.

Kainet, Land of Kai

KAINET is an award-winning DeFi ecosystem of utility tools and a first-of-its-kind play-to-earn RPG game, all powered by the KAINET token.
Backed by an established team of developers, crypto experts and most importantly a growing community, KAINET is revolutionizing the metaverse.
KAINET was voted by the Crypto Expo Dubai jury as the Best Metaverse Project.
Land of Kai Trailer