NetworkAnimator synchronizes animations across the network.

Component Settings

Animator field indicates which Animator to synchronize over the network. The referenced animator can be anywhere on the object. You may also change the Animator at runtime using Network Animator API.

Interpolation is how many ticks of interpolation. Like the NetworkTransform, the animator will be this number of ticks behind before iterating data. To use tick alignment with a NetworkTransform, use the same value of interpolation as on the NetworkTransform.

Smooth Floats will ensure floats are moved over time on those receiving animator updates. This is commonly left true to allow blending between animation trees.

Client Authoritative as true allows the owning client to make changes to their animations locally, and those changes will be sent to the server and other clients. While false the server must change animations to have them sent to clients.

Send To Owner will only be displayed when Client Authoritative is false. While Synchronize To Owner is true the server will also send animation changes to the object owner; while false the owner will not get the animation changes by the server. This can be useful if you want to run animations locally in real time on owning clients.

Synchronized Parameters (pro feature) allows only specified parameters to be synchronized over the network. This can be useful if some parameters should only be used for the local client, or do not neccesarily need to be networked.

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