Learn about a variety of add-ons, as well how to install and use them.

There are a plethora of assets and tools for Fish-Networking available through other creators. Here's a collection of the ones we know about. If you have a Fish-Networking asset you would like up here please contact Punfish#0001 on my Discord.

We have detailed guides for installing and using some add-ons. You can find these guides within the sub-sections of this category!



Turtle Pass allows you to send large byte arrays over several frames to prevent data from overwhelming bandwidth limited transports like Steam and Unity Transport.

Network Audio Sync is an easy to way sychronize audioclips over the network.

Master Server Toolkit is a powerful solution to many backend problems you may encounter when developing multiplayer games or applications. Master Server Toolkit includes but is not limited to: user registration and authorization, game server list, user data management, database interactions, chats and chat channels. There is a variety of modular functionality available within this asset. A Fish-Networking demo is included!

Network Particle System will synchronize particles, lifespan, and more.

ParrelSync allows you to run multiple editors of the same project, making multiplayer testing easier.

Steamworks v2 - Foundation is a limited version of Steamworks v2 - Complete.

Fish-Networking-Discovery is a simple LAN network discovery component for Fish-Networking.

Pay What You Want

Witchslayer Chat System with PlayFab handles game chat using PlayFab services. Included is customizable chat tabs, muting, whispers, profanity filders, and PlayFab authenticator.

Witchslayer Inventory System offers a server-authoritative inventory system with all the basic functionality you need to get started. An included template offers load/save, add, remove, swap, split stacks, and trash items.

Vault Inventory supports your design requirements from Editor to Runtime with an intuitive designer dashboard and runtime UI components / prefabs for a smooth multiplayer inventory experience.

Steamworks v2 - Complete is a powerful set of tools, systems and editor extensions to make you integration with the Steam API easier, faster, and more robust. Make the most of Steam for your game!

Amilious Console is a command console for game. Amilious Console allows you to easily add commands to your project which can be used for a variety of tasks such as: debugging, cheats, admin actions, and more. Commands are largely customizable allowing you to easily implement your own behavior.


There are a variety of transports that can be implemented in your project for uses such as WebGL, Steam, Unity Relay, and more. For a complete collection see Transports.

Ports & Plugins


Dissonance Voice Chat for Fish-Networking: an official port of Dissonance provided by the creator of Dissonance and LambdaTheDev.

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