Prediction Serializers

You may also create custom serializers for your prediction data types. A video on using prediction may be found at

However, there is a certain, but easy to work with condition when creating a custom prediction serializer. Fish-Networking modifies your prediction data types to include extra information; these changes will not be visible to you.

To make your custom serializer support your prediction data type be sure to add public uint Generated___Tick to your prediction data type, and include it within your serializer.

public struct MoveData
    public uint Generated___Tick; //Add this field.
    public Vector3 Direction;

//Example of custom writer and reader
public static void WriteMoveData(this Writer writer, MoveData value)
    writer.WriteUInt32(value.Generated___Tick, AutoPackType.Unpacked);

public static MoveData ReadMoveData(this Reader reader)
    MoveData md = new MoveData()
        Generated___Tick = reader.ReadUInt32(AutoPackType.Unpacked),
        Direction = reader.ReadVector3()

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